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Sexperiments – Bound and Determined Kit with Anal Bead



Tickle anywhere you want for as long as you want with the soft pleasure feather. Bring plenty of lube for the behind the scenes fun with the purple anal bead butt plug and just to make things interesting – render your partner immobile and helpless with these four adjustable bondage cuffs and a sliding Hog Tie strap. Once hog-tied, it’s the ideal time to tickle your partner’s feet, as there is nothing they can do to stop you. Set includes: 4 Adjustable bondage cuffs, 1 ergonomic sliding hog tie strap, 1 pleasure feather, 1 purple anal bead butt plug.

The Hog Tie strap is a strap at the wrists and ankles
Bind the arms and legs to the body
The wonderfully soft butt plug with pearls or they are available for later
The butt plug is slightly curved and has three swellings
Suitable for beginners/elementary and advanced