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Enjoy the Safe Enjoy Together Giftbox together and keep your relationship passionate! In the Safe Enjoy Together Giftbox you’ll find Safe Lubricant Silicones, the Safe Sensation, and the Safe Vibrating.

Safe Lubricant Silicones
Safe Lubricant is a high-quality lubricant that has a CE mark and has been developed in order to increase pleasure and a joint intimate experience. All Safe Lubricant varieties feel soft as silk and each has a unique feature.
Safe Lubricant Silicones is a silicon-based lubricant that is ultra efficient with a long lubricating power. Suitable for (intimate) body massage and intercourse.

50 ml

Safe Sensation
Safe Sensation is an extended version of the Safe Vibrating, specifically designed to give women extra stimulation. This revolutionary toy for both man and woman stimulates the clitoris in a sensational way. The bottom part functions as a cock ring, making sure he can stay the distance! Enjoy the Safe Sensation together. Duration: +- 40 minutes.

Batteries can’t be replaced.

Safe Vibrating
The Safe Vibrating is a toy for both women and men, which gives both partners a spectacular feeling! The Safe Vibrating can be used for 30 – 60 minutes. With 5 vibration modes.

Batteries can’t be replaced.


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