Fifty Shades of Grey – Freed 10 Meter Rope

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Expand your kinky creativity and enjoy sensual winding and binding with this silky bondage rope. Long, soft and luxurious with a triple-twisted finish, the rope is perfect for erotic entanglement and practising the art of restraint with your lover.
Open up a new dimension to your bedroom or bondage play and develop creatively as a couple with all the possibilities the rope offers. Enjoy a highly visual and sensual form of ensnarement that you’ll become more and more skilled at each time you experiment and play. The silky finish allows the rope to lie pleasurably against the skin for not only comfort but also erotic arousal.

– Fifty Shades Freed 10 metre silky triple-twisted bondage rope
– Perfect for beginners right through to advanced players
– Extra long to allow for artistic designs and full-body bondage
– Soft and shiny finish looks and feels incredible against bare skin
– Rose-gold metal tips make rope ends easy to locate


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